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Polish Twins Swapped as Infants Get Damages From Court

When Kasia and Nina were two weeks old they came down with pneumonia. Their parents took the identical twins to a Warsaw hospital. While being treated, staff accidently mixed up Nina with another baby girl Edyta.

Edyta and Kasia were returned to the original parents, and doctors told them that the girls were not identical twins as first suspected. They also mentioned that Nina's slight foot deformity had miraculously gone away. (Don't trust miracles?)

Fast-forward 17 years, and the real Nina and Kasia had a chance meeting in Warsaw, after a mutual friend recognized their similar appearances. The two realize they must be twins, and a DNA test confirmed it.

The discovery took a heavy toll on the families, and a Polish court has just awarded the families over $500,000 in damages. The medical authorities were also forced to admit their error. Do you think the families deserved a monetary award?


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