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Poll About Bra Size

When It Comes to Your Breasts, Would You Rather . . .

Changes in breast size happen often in a woman's life. Her chest can shrink or grow when she goes on or off hormonal birth control, gains or loses weight, and when she becomes pregnant or stops breastfeeding. It's just part of the fun of being a woman I guess! I'm curious to know whether or not you're happy with your girls so tell me, when it comes to your breasts, would you rather . . .


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Sofia-Soubrette Sofia-Soubrette 8 years
I'm naturally well-endowed, and I know how much other people pay to get half this mess. It's inconvenient at times, but I think if they were to shrink I'd feel like a different person.
Frank-y-Ava Frank-y-Ava 8 years
I'm a 34B (pretty close to C) but I'm really petite so they're perfect for my body.
redchick152 redchick152 8 years
i'm 24 w/ a 36D and i'm 5'0 tall. by now, i am used to the size, i just hate the jiggle!!! clothes on-i'm ok, and ususally feel like i can rock what i'm wearing out for a night. work clothes make me feel very self conscience though (for fear of looking slutty or bra straps showing). clothes off-i'm constantly worrying about what my boobs are doing. i would love to buy button up and backless shirts, pretty bras, and teeny bikinis!!!!!
northernstar northernstar 8 years
I'm happy with mine so far, D cup, as long as they stay this way in the future, which is unlikely lol I am also thin and everyone thinks I have implants which is ignorant on their part. Like someone else says, the downside of having big chest is not being able to wear a lot of tops, especially v necks without your chest popping out. I'm greatful for them though, couldn't ask for a better size. My husband isn't complaining either lol
elizabethsosewn elizabethsosewn 8 years
btw. i feel the need to add that i am a 34 DD now, and at 19 still have growing to do (and i fear getting back on BC)
elizabethsosewn elizabethsosewn 8 years
le romantique you and I have something in common. I started my freshman year of highschool an A cup, started sophomore year a D cup, but no one asked me if i had had implants. dunno why lol. But yeah i'd love ot have a size smaller just so i could fit clothing better, but outside of that reason I love my body and would never get surgery to change it. (or take pills or suppliments or any of that junk)
AnastasiaSilk AnastasiaSilk 8 years
I'm 20 years old and am an E cup. I've always had a large chest, which can be difficult to deal with when you're young. I was never taunted, but people would comment on their size, like I wasn't already perfectly aware of them. I think the perfect size is a C cup, I haven't been that size since I was 16/17. Running is tough, and I find sports bras to be too restrictive. Wearing a dress without a bra is not an option. I've learned to like them, but do think the back pain, difficulty breathing at times and comments are definite downsides.
ajoy82 ajoy82 8 years
Well I'm definitely in the minority. I really disliked my chest the majority of my life so I changed them. I had a small B closer to an A but they were not cute. I had a full C for a small period of time then they shrunk to a small B, so they did not have good shape. I really had a hard time finding bras that would fit correctly. Couldn't wear braless shirts and strapless bras never stayed up so I had them augmented over 2 years ago. I absolutely love them now (34C). I can wear a cute top without a bra (I wear little nipple covers :) I am more on the conservative side and they suit me perfectly.
valancyjane valancyjane 8 years
My current bras are a 38J - I think I beat almost everyone here. No surprise that I would love to be smaller. It’s in my genes to be full-busted, but in my case Mother Nature took it a little too far. Oh, and the hormones in the birth control patch didn’t help either – I grew 2 or 3 cup sizes when I went on it.
sunshinepointe sunshinepointe 8 years
I'd like to be the size I am but the girls need a firm up :\ I've yo-yo'd in weight so much any elasticity is just gone.
I must say, I love my 34DDs. However, it's a little uncomfortable to become the center of the conversation of my friends and their husbands, when the ladies are discussing wanting "bigger boobs, like Brandy's." Also, most of the bras you find that are cute, stop at C or D cups, and if you don't shop at Victoria's Secret for your bras, you end up with a horrible bra. I swear some of those bra designers believe women with big boobs should be ashamed of them. I don't want to put on a bra that literally holds them down, that's just rude.
zeze zeze 8 years
I wanna shrink, I love them when I'm showing them off in a nice dress, but unless they are on display with wayyyy too much cleavage showing, they make me look fat. Like in a sweater or blouse, I always look heavier than people that weigh more than me because they have small breasts. My life would be a lot easier with a B cup.
fancifulfabi fancifulfabi 8 years
I'm very happy with my 32C - not so big that i can't look svelte and fashionable when i want, and not so small that i can't look sexy when i want to.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
I have tiny boobs and they've really shrunk since I started exercising more. I'm only an A cup, so one size up would suit me just fine.
davetherave davetherave 8 years
As a guy, it amazes me how the women either want to be bigger to look better or get smaller to look better. I like my women to look right, as well. "Size matters" is very negative, same as some of us guys feel inadequate unless we get the item down under looking like a bazooka instead of a pea shooter. LOL Seriously, handle what you were born with as best you can and do not give into whatever society brainwashes you with.
Cris1192 Cris1192 8 years
Mine are too big for my body, I look hiilarious on a bathing suit, some people wonder how I don't fall forward.
bluebird bluebird 8 years
I love my girls the way they are, but if something had to happen to them I'd rather go up than down. D cups (which are what I have now) look most proportional to my body; I'm afraid if I ended up as a C cup I would look totally flat because of my wider shoulders!
MaMii MaMii 8 years
Ha. I love my massive boobies! I'm a size 36HH. It run in the family though because my sister is 34J. Oh well.
cjmara805 cjmara805 8 years
34GG here :| I'd like to shink like 5 cup sizes! I can't even find a bra that fits well!
notinthemood notinthemood 8 years
My girls are 36DD and I'd prefer to be a C because of the negative attention, and because they'd be a little perkier. While they're pretty proportional to my larger frame, I am really into sports and working out and it's quite a show at the gym when I go, which I hate. Also, that little thing about looking trashy... you girls are dead on! I can't look "cute'! It's either sexy (trashy) or prudish! I've been trying to go for more of a '50's-prudish look because I can rock that pretty well and it doesn't tend to draw attention to the chest. But, girls with smaller boobs, imagine if every man at work (which for me is pretty much everyone) had conversations only with your chest. As in, they think you don't notice, but you're looking at their eyelids the whole time. It's degrading, and while I know most of the guys don't mean it, I can't help but feel like it makes me seem like an expendable employee because people pay attention to my body, not my work.
pryncess84 pryncess84 8 years
I'm 24 and am a 32B cup. I rarely ever wear a bra - can't stand how constricting it feels. Luckily I'm not big enough to have to wear one and feel very lucky I have the choice. I'd like to stay a B - it's the perfect size, I think. If I'm wearing something that I want a lot of cleavage with, I will wear one, otherwise I get plenty of attention just leaving them out. :)
sparklestar sparklestar 8 years
I'm a large B cup and I want to stay this way!
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 8 years
I'm a full C cup, too, and I love 'em. On my hourglass figure, they give me a very womanly appearance, and I love it. But I agree, I have to be careful about what I wear. As some posters have said, there's a fine line between looking attractive and looking trashy. One small misstep (like a blouse that's a little too form-fitting), and I've stepped into trashville. I have to careful about what I wear. Truthfully, I think I dress well, as I get compliments from women (and men).
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