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The writers' strike is depriving us of scripted drama. Even so, New York Times columnist David Carr says the breakout television hit this season is the presidential election.

Carr wrote:

"January was supposed to be the month when the writers’ strike took its toll [...]. Instead, the primary season is serving as the backdrop for one of the most compelling runs of event television in years, creating the kind of chatter network marketers would kill for and spectacular ratings for cable news."

Has election coverage satisfied your desire for television drama?

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emalove emalove 9 years
I'm very interested in the 2008 election coverage.
Trixie6 Trixie6 9 years
dclion - I agree with you completely.
Princesskitty22 Princesskitty22 9 years
I prefer to read my news, as a rule; mostly because I hate commentators ( I don't think I spelled that right) on tv news shows. They drive me crazy for some reason. So, while I've watched a little bit of the coverage, if my shows were on, I would watch them instead.
Powerpuffgirl Powerpuffgirl 9 years
I'm tuned in, but not because of the writers' strike. This presidential election strikes a chord with so many and I personally find it encouraging to see so much diversity in this year's race.
philleif philleif 9 years
This reminds me that, if she's elected, Hillary promised to bring "Friends" back on the air.
gooniette gooniette 9 years
I don't get my election news from TV. The networks are way too biased and don't cover the candidates equally. They seem to forget that it's not up to them to choose candidates for us to pick from.
Neekoh Neekoh 9 years
I don't ever watch TV, so it doesn't matter to me. I read the news regardless.
alltherage alltherage 9 years
im a total election junkie - this is my superbowl my world series.
dclion dclion 9 years
It'd be better if some of these people were actually worth covering. This election is going to be a choice between the better of two evils.
Beanalby Beanalby 9 years
I wouldn't mind it if it weren't for the fact that the news networks cover things like it's American Idol. "Ooh look he's ahead! And how he's ahead! Whooo's gonna be ahead?? This guy hates that guy! Race race race! DRAMA!" Never reporting the actual ISSUES or anything like that.
legalbeagle legalbeagle 9 years
I would be watching anyway, but thats just me~ I think its great that people are paying attention!!! I do miss 30 Rock but at least people are getting involved and interested in the things that really matter. American elections may be drawn out and costly... this one especially... but we're electing the leader of the free world- we might not want to rush into anything. Also, how badly would people criticize Americans if we didnt do this?
nyaradzom2001 nyaradzom2001 9 years
i am honest to god sick of the American elections they are the most painfully drawn out elections on God's green earth. what a waste of money!!
reginapulchera reginapulchera 9 years
I am an election coverage junkie!
MSucre MSucre 9 years
While tihs certainly wont help the writers' with their strike, this could be a good thing for American politics. News programs so often report on celebrity news instead of important political happenings. Maybe this strike is helping reporters prioritize.
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