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Poll: Hillary's Attack Dog?

Poll: Hillary's Attack Dog?

With the primaries on both sides so cut-throat close, the slightest misstep threatens to knock candidates from one side of the razor's edge to the other. Though voters famously claim distaste for negative campaigning (and those who sling the mud) they can't help but remember the message.

Candidates naturally want the best of both worlds — they want to poke holes in their opponents' reputations, while seeming above the muck. Hillary has solved this problem lately by unleashing her husband, the only candidates' spouse who has the gravitas of having been there, and been gone long enough for nostalgia to set in. If he's shredding Obama, Hillary doesn't have to.

Maureen Dowd's column yesterday dubbed them, "The Two-headed Monster." Do you think outsourcing the dirty work to Bill is playing fair?


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