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Popular Women's Complaint: His Underwear Is Unattractive

Popular Women's Complaint: His Underwear Is Unattractive

I'm a huge fan of boxer briefs, just as most of you ladies are, but I'll take boxers over briefs any day of the week, even if it is his "lucky pair."

When your guy's undies are unattractive, it can be a real turn off, so what do you do if what's under his pants isn't doing it for you? For starters, don't insult him, because it could do a number on his ego and make him really self-conscious. Try these suggestions instead.

  • If you're battling because you want him to wear briefs and he wants to wear boxers (or vice versa), then try a compromise and see if he'll wear boxer briefs.
  • Or in your sexiest voice, tell him "I'd love it if you wore ________. They really turn me on."
  • If that doesn't get him to wear what you like, then take the initiative and buy him some new underwear. Undress him and have him try them on. He's sure to want to make the switch when he knows how much they mean to you (and what it'll do for your sex life).


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