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Whether it's a prankster or a money-saver, more people have caught on to the notion of license plate cloning, or as high school students in Maryland call it, the "speed camera pimping game." The trick is to replace your license plate with someone else's number (preferably belonging to a lookalike vehicle) so when you speed by a red-light or speed camera, they get the bill (or bills adding up to thousands of dollars) in the mail.

In Maryland students have used a printer and glossy paper to print out faux license plates with numbers belonging to their frenemies. They then proceed to purposefully speed by the camera, pull over, remove the fake plate, and then chuckle at the thought of a ticket showing up at a rival's house.

While I'm sure the high school kids will get caught soon, especially since they use a camera right by school, professional license plate cloners sound more like thieves than resourceful pranksters.

Does the risk of identify theft make you think twice about speed cameras?


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