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Aging Beauty: Older Women Get More Credit For Posing Nude

Posing nude probably has more to do with being a naked person than age. Jamie Lee Curtis bared it all for AARP at 52, Lauren Hutton did it at 61, and Helen Mirren went half-naked in New York magazine at 65 while pictures of her in a bikini floated around. So why does Kim Kardashian say she won't be posing nude, as she did for November's W magazine, now that she's two days short of turning 30? May she's just not old enough to be an inspiration yet?

A definite double standard exists, and for once it favors older women. Young women may strip for the camera because it's empowering, but they are often perceived as slutty, narcissistic attention-seekers; meanwhile, older women are cheered on by men, women, and the media.

Yet don't all women — young and old — do it for the same reason? To prove they can.

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Girl101 Girl101 6 years
I wish all of America was like Cap d Adge where nudity was completely accepted. You could be dressed, naked or partially dressed as you see fit and it was not even noticed. Good for these women, maybe someday we will realize that all shapes, sizes, ages, colors and genders are beautiful and should be celebrated naked and clad.
Datura2112 Datura2112 6 years
I think that its the way they appear in the picture. Jaime and Kim took very different pics. Kim's is trying to sell sex, Jaime is trying to sell beauty.
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