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This week's New York Times style section reports on the latest hipster trend — potbellies! And no, I'm not talking about the pigs.

"Too pronounced to be blamed on the slouchy cut of a t-shirt" and "too modest in size to be termed a proper beer gut" the potbelly — dubbed the "Ralph Kramden" — is the latest addition to the hipster uniform. The article also randomly suggests that Barack Obama is to blame, because contrarian hipsters want to contrast themselves with a president who hits the gym every morning. But don't get too excited — according to the article, only men get a style dispensation from crunches. Here's more:

Leading with a belly is a male privilege of long standing, of course, a symbol of prosperity in most cultures and of freedom from anxieties about body image that have plagued women since Eve.

Along with not bathing and not shaving, hipster men now have made it "cool" to rock a potbelly. How alternative.

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