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Not a Prayer. Are Atheists the Marginalized Majority?

Atheists and the faithful are engaged in a war of the books. For the atheists, Richard Dawkins's The God Delusion and Christopher Hitchens's God Is Not Great are best-sellers. In the believer corner, The Dawkins Delusion? by the British theologian Alister McGrath and The Secular Age by the Canadian Catholic philosopher Charles Taylor are countering back.

A recent Guardian book review argued that the anti-God squad, which dominates the sale charts, mirrors the faith it rejects. Check out the opinionated assessment of who's more delusional.

In the US, where religious rhetoric often crowds the public sphere (think the pledge of allegiance, "In God We Trust" on currency, George Bush's faithful foreign policy), are atheists a marginalized minority? If the anti-God books are selling more, do you think the US is really less religious than it lets on?

Are atheists forced to stay in the shadows because our society is so saturated with religion?

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