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Are Preppy Men a Turn On or Turn Off?

Preppy Guys — Turn On or Turn Off?

It seems like every other year preppiness makes a comeback. This year it seems back in a big, boat shoe-wearing way, which I know because the New York Times said so.

But really the look is back, or rather it never went away, because it looks hot. That, and I think bookish people have a collective, unfulfilled dream of attending boarding school in New Hampshire on only the most perfect October day. If we can't have that, then we bring preppiness into our lives with a little plaid, a lot of wool, and rugged-looking men who look like they took only their mom's best advice. But is it a turn-on? That's up to you.

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shreerose shreerose 6 years
Super hot, for sure.
cotedazur cotedazur 6 years
Haha, I DID go to boarding school in New Hampshire, and I will forever be turned on by blue blazers, diagonally striped ties, khaki shorts and boat shoes with no socks. It's not just a look, it's a lifestyle -- although I guess the appeal for me is more nostalgia than anything else.
amber512 amber512 6 years
I don't like pastel colors and the sweater around the neck, but otherwise I LOVE it!
zeze zeze 6 years
I love the professional the nice tailored gray pants with a charcoal argyle sweater with hints of purple and a button down shirt collar poking through the top in a grayish/purple. ( ....oh and purple and gray are not necessary if the final product looks like this:
ShaynaLeah ShaynaLeah 6 years
Hot, definitely
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 6 years
Nice to look at, not necessarily nice to touch.
Briandiesel Briandiesel 6 years
Preppy with a hint of cool/hobo is always hot.
HoneyBrown1976 HoneyBrown1976 6 years
Carlton Banks - no James Spader "Pretty in Pink" - yes
WarEagleNurse WarEagleNurse 6 years
roseate roseate 6 years
A touch of prep is great.
hypnoticmix hypnoticmix 6 years
Not necessarily a turn off but definitely depends on the guy for me in any style. How they carry and project themselves.
outsung outsung 6 years
I'll admit I love the preppy vibe (there is just something SO sexy about a sweater) I also know I refined this taste when I lived in Ireland for a semester; those boys can (And do) pull off a jumper and crisp jeans in a dance club for pete's sake. Also all my friends were kayakers so I know they were plenty rugged so I don't associate the waspy ness with a preppy look. It's just classy to me <3
skigurl skigurl 6 years
I should also clarify: I also love rough and rugged. My man can pull off work boots and a baseball hat (he probably looks best when dirty/sweaty), but can also rock a polo and plaid shorts. So, like I said, I don't mind a preppy vibe, but would never want to date a guy who looked like Carleton from Fresh Prince!
LikeThoseShoes LikeThoseShoes 6 years
turn off for me... i prefer the rough and scruff... throw on some dirty, boots and a ball cap and i'm sold... <3 but thats just me ;)
runningesq runningesq 6 years
I should clarify: love the look (my husband rocks lacoste polos and plaid shorts), hate the waspy attitude.
Beauty Beauty 6 years
Off. I can't see preppy clothing without thinking of Carlton from Fresh Prince or Steff from Pretty in Pink.
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 6 years
No, I like my men looking less cookie-cutter. But I agree with Skigurl... there's preppy overload, which is just such a turn-off to me. But when someone throws in just the littlest bit of preppy influence, I think it can be very sexy.
kismekate kismekate 6 years
nah, total turn off. i like my men rugged.
dreamalittledream dreamalittledream 6 years
Like the look overall, hate the attitude of the guy that usually wears the look
onlysourcherry onlysourcherry 6 years
totally on! It's an extension of the whole 'men look better in uniform" adage.
skigurl skigurl 6 years
usually ON - like that picture above - ON not weirdly preppy mint green sweater around the shoulders or anything, but I like a slight preppy vibe mixed with a little of one's own style
runningesq runningesq 6 years
HOT :)
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