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President Bush Still Rules After Jan. 20?

He may be a lame-duck president, but George W. Bush is determined to keep quacking away federal regulations before his time is up. Since many of Bush's plans contradict Barack Obama's agenda, why would he waste time issuing rules if they would soon be undone? The answer? It could take years for Obama to rescind some of these rules.

Nonprofit ProPublica has compiled a list of the Bush administration's last-minute rules and regulations. According to the list, some of the proposed changes would let federally funded institutions turn down abortions for moral or religious reasons; give greater surveillance authority to law enforcement; lease public lands for oil; allow construction projects with less concern for protected species; and subject HIV/AIDS prevention groups to new qualifying rules.

Obama's transition team has a close eye on these midnight regulations, but protracted efforts and court battles aimed to undo the rules surely lie ahead.


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