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President's Political Calendar Empty: GOP Smart to Hide Bush?

President's Political Calendar Empty: GOP Smart to Hide Bush?

President Bush, an accomplished and eager campaigner, is all dressed up with nowhere to go.

Thanks to a basement-level approval rating, fellow-Republicans have spurned the man who has controlled the White House for them these last eight years. Even at his party's biggest party in Minnesota, Bush seemed sequestered at the White House. Bush's presence was limited to eight minutes via satellite, and he didn't even garner a mention by name in John McCain's RNC speech.

The President's political calendar is empty, while the likes of Mitt Romney have events scheduled for every week until the election. And unlike in 2000, when other Democrats did not follow Al Gore's lead of rejecting Bill Clinton, Republicans running for offices across the board want to appear independent of Bush.

Even so, Bush is doing his part — he's raised $238 million for the GOP's 2008 efforts at closed-door fundraisers. Are Republicans smart to keep Bush in the shadows?


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