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Prime Rib and Chop Meat

Dear Sugar
I still have strong feelings for my ex boyfriend and I'm not over him. We just broke up, but it's been a long time coming. Not being around him the past two weeks has been a huge adjustment for me and it's going to continue to be for a while. So how do I proceed with dating? Friends are setting me up with really nice guys who deserve a fair shot but.. I'm just not giving it to them. Should I swear off dating for a while? Or is there a way to set a guy's expectations from the beginning that I'm not exactly 100% available? I kinda know I need a few months to myself... but I know that I can't put everyone on hold, so what do I do? Sad Sandy

Dear Sad Sandy
You don't want to mess things up with the good ones if you aren't really ready to date yet. So put those guys off for a little while, so you can test the waters. It sounds like you want to try and get yourself out there, but you're still apprehensive. Try to go on dates with the ones you already know you aren't that into - just for the experience of it. A friend once told me to literally look at guys like meat. The ok ones are Chop Meat and the good ones are Prime Rib. You don't want to be out on a date with Prime Rib and treat him with a Chop Meat attitude! My advice is to wait a little bit longer until you are really ready. But as the saying goes, you can't expect one door to open without the last door being closed. You have a great attitude. Give it time, if you just broke up 2 weeks ago you aren't allowing yourself to heal.

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