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Prince William and Kate Want Donations to Charity, No Presents 2011-01-17 03:30:16

Prince William and Kate Want Donations to Charity, No Presents

Prince William and Kate Middleton might start a new charitable trend among newlyweds. The future king and queen of England plan to ask guests to send donations to charity in lieu of presents.

The no-gifts rule seems like a good option for a prince and princess, who surely have everything. But don't count on the Queen being on board. She's allegedly "livid" over wedding details that are less-than-traditional and reportedly asked William: "At what point do you stop being trendy and start being realistic?" One major source of tension: William decided on a buffet breakfast instead of a more formal meal without the Queen's approval. However, when it comes to gifts, William and Kate's supposed plan will still allow for gifts from close family and friends, which would hopefully keep the Queen happy.

William and Kate's charity plan would send the message that they're in tune with the more austere mood in England. Would you consider forgoing a registry and asking guests to donate to charity instead?

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sarah_bellum sarah_bellum 6 years
This is a really good idea if the couple is wealthy already, but it's not that innovative. I know of at least a few couples that have asked for charitable donations in lieu of gifts. I do think these two are beginning to border on empty gestures for the sake of public relations (I mean the bride in a car on the way to the church? Break out the damn carriage already. We know you're marrying into the royal family. Embrace it.)
Studio16 Studio16 6 years
That's great that they want to donate to charity! Very thoughtful and gracious of them. However, I do have to agree with QE2 - so many couples nowadays are trying to be trendy and forward thinking and it just doesn't work out. Sometimes traditions are established for efficiency's sake!
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