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Product of the Day: BLT-Scented Candles

I'm beginning to sense a pattern here. Add bacon to an incongruous product and create some controversy. Take these BLT-scented candles here--please. (The biggest mystery for me is the following set of equivalences they make on their website: "Bacon = Freedom, Lettuce = Love, Tomato = Passion." None of it really makes sense but bacon and freedom?! Love, maybe...

AshNik AshNik 10 years
delicious Nikki
tamberly tamberly 10 years
my bf would sure dig that bacon smell.. lol
tamberly tamberly 10 years
those are cute
redsox26 redsox26 10 years
joyofadventure joyofadventure 10 years
wow, what does lettuce smell like??
SaRaH-22 SaRaH-22 10 years
lol thats great, i dont know if i awnt my house to smell like bacon but still cute!
ashleycakes ashleycakes 10 years
I can't decide whether I would be grossed out or hungry after smelling these. I have a hard time imagining what lettuce smells like though. __________ Zing!!
XDeexDeeX XDeexDeeX 10 years
omfgsh!!!! So funny. BLT scented candles..haha!
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