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Product of the Day: Flying Alarm Clock

What the hell?! Was this thing dreamed up at Abu Ghraib? Can you imagine a more terrifying and/or annoying way of waking up than having an alarm go off which then propels this disk thingy to launch up and then fly around the room? The only way to get the alarm to stop is to catch that thing and put it back on the base. That sounds safe. And yet...there's a snooze function. Personally, I'd rather ease into my morning with the yummy smell of bacon.


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jadelils jadelils 9 years
i love it!
twiggyrachel twiggyrachel 10 years
have you seen the run away clock? look here: i personally would find that annoying, and so would every body else in the house. i don't wake up to alarms very well. but i can see the flying one being entertainment to me and my dog or cat. you get teh picture.
That thing would scare the crap outta me!
mandykw mandykw 10 years
hahahaha this is one of the worst ideas ever
dark_master87 dark_master87 10 years
I wonder how the snooze works
flippy flippy 10 years
"so so"? this is genius.
Jennifer_2sugar Jennifer_2sugar 10 years
Giggle what is with the "so so" posts tody :o
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