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Product of the Day: The Little Whizzer

Whoopie cushions and fart spray too passé for you? Well, have I got a gag gift for you! The Little Whizzer is a replica of a famous statue in Brussels, Belgium. To the best of my knowledge, though, that statue didn't pee liquor — that's right, liquor! Just fill this little guy's ceramic carafe with say, some Jagermeister, attach the battery-powered statue top, push his button and watch him whizz your favorite alcoholic beverage into your waiting vessel. Will the wonders never cease? (Are my eyes deceiving me, or does that cup say "slut"? WTF?!)

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Schaianne Schaianne 8 years
:rotfl: My uncle had one of these when I was growing up!
Stupidasscat Stupidasscat 8 years
My sisters dad has one of these its real old except his is an old man.
mesawillow mesawillow 8 years
I'm actually fond of the Slut-Cup. Then again, I used to think I was a slut...then I realized I was acting like a man. (not my quote - btw)
shmoo15 shmoo15 8 years
The slut cup is probably more entertaining than the pissing drink thing.
jewlz784 jewlz784 8 years mom has a corkscrew based off that statue that my grandfather got...I bet he would have loved this!!! I might just have to get it...
Anniina Anniina 8 years
That should be fun for parties turtlefreak.. killed??
atomicspin atomicspin 8 years
Urban Outfitters carries those glasses. They also have Bitch, Dickweed, and the Gigglesugar favorite, Douchebag.
turtlefreak turtlefreak 8 years
Of course I do NOT have, neither do I want, the cup that I believe does say slut...and it also looks like it has a nipple on it?!?! I agree Giggle with WTF??
turtlefreak turtlefreak 8 years
I actually have one of these!!! I bought it for a guy I was dating (wow that was 14 years ago) and when he was killed I got it back from his parents and have kept it boxed up since then. It is actually a cute lil "tacky" gift
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