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Product of the Day: Magic Cone Urination Funnel

Among the many baffling things about the Magic Cone Disposable Urination Funnel for Women is why the website keeps saying that it's for "females." But more importantly---WHY WOULD I WANT TO PEE STANDING UP?! I mean, the thought has crossed my mind at disgusting rest stops, on camping trips, and while watching drunken men peeing in public while I have to wait to find a restroom--but not enough that I'm dying to pay for, carry around, and pee into a paper cup in the shape of a funnel. On the positive side, their promotional animation of a woman using the Magic Cone is priceless. I urge you to view it now.

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Sannon15289441 Sannon15289441 3 years
I love the idea of female urine funnels. This one seems kind of flimsy though. My favorite brand is Smartway. You can squeeze it to get the shape you need to fit you perfectly!
tifygodess24 tifygodess24 10 years
Ive seen a lot of different talk shows talk about this product . I think I first saw it on the View actually forever ago. They said it ends up dripping down your leg. YUCK! All I have to say is Ill take my chances with the toilet ;)
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