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Product of the Day: Sh*t Box

I'd love to have been in on the brainstorming session for this one. "So, boss, I got a great idea for a product. Materials are cheap. Use value is high. Demand will be through the roof." "Go for it, Junior. I'm all ears." "A cardboard box that you fold up like an accordion when you don't need it, but then open it up and sit on it when you need to take a crap. Give it a bold name, create a cute little poop mascot named Little Jack, and throw in some plastic poop bags." "Genius! It's so crazy it just might work." This thing is around 25 bucks, people! Sigh.


Schaianne Schaianne 9 years
Only the Brits would come up with something like that,:rotfl:
said8me said8me 9 years
Too true, Jessie... too true. LOL.
jessie jessie 9 years
funny...when the box collapes...from weight're in deep shit! :rotfl:
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