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A Prom to Regret

I asked what your biggest prom regrets are here and on Facebook, and I saw some recurring themes in your responses. Most of you either regretted going or not going, fashion faux pas, and lame dates. So for future generations of prom-goers, I'd say go with a guy friend or group of friends, wear something timeless not trendy, and bring a pair of flats in your purse for dancing! Here is a sampling of the things you'd do differently if were you able to go back to your good ol' high school days:

  • "My regret is the shoes I wore. I rarely wore heels and I decided to wear 4 inch heels to prom. My feet were killing me before the prom even started!" — Gdeeaz
  • "Junior prom regrets . . . my hair was boy short and yet I still paid $60 for an 'updo' that consisted of one big 'bang curl' and a fake diamond bobby pin. Letting a makeup kiosk at the mall do my makeup for the evening: orange face/white neck . . . pretty!! Being too nervous around my date to actually have fun and not be completely awkward. I made up for those the next year at my senior prom and had a great time. Live and learn, right?!" — Anonymous
  • "Waaay boring date, and not even a kiss goodnight. Lame." — Elizabeth
  • "I regret that I let not having a date keep me from going. I easily could have found a group of girls to go with." — roseate
  • Read the rest below.

  • "Not going at all. All of my friend went with dates. It would have been incredibly awkward to go by myself, but I regret having never been to a prom!" — Amber
  • "My biggest prom regret was bringing my boyfriend, who was in college at the time. He was jealous of my best friends (some of them whom are male). He ditched me at my afterprom party. Don't worry . . . I ditched him years ago." — Rachel
  • "Taking a date! He was such an ass and ruined the whole thing. Wish I'd gone stag!!" — Gaynor
  • "My hair! I tried to copy this crazy hair that looked good on the magazine but didn't on me. There was no turning back since I didn't do any trial runs before. Just that extra hour before prom . . . You should see the photos. Ewww." — TheEnchantedOne

Source: Flickr User Editor B

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