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Inglourious Basterds producer Harvey Weinstein is feeling fairly confident about the Oscars. Last year his wife, Marchesa's Georgina Chapman, went to a psychic who said he would be very lucky next March. At the time, the Oscars were scheduled for February, but a week later they were moved to March 7. The violence lover in us hopes she's right!

I've had two psychics give me nearly the same, dead-on predictions, turning me from full-on skeptic to a semibeliever. Has a psychic ever nailed your past, present, or future?

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kh61582 kh61582 7 years
I went to a psychic last March and saw her again this past January. I'm 24 now and both of the readings I had with her went 3-4 years in the future so all her predictions have not had time to come true yet. Last year she told me my "big months" were going to be April, August, and October. In April I got a job and in August I started dating my current boyfriend. Nothing happened for me in October however my sister got married in October and she did say my sister would be settled by the end of that year. This year apparently things are going to get a lot better for me in March. June and July might not be so hot but from August on it should be really really good professionally. Here's hopin' she's right. Also, at the first reading she told me I would get married at 28. She moved that up by a year at this last reading. It's not going to be my current boyfriend which, as happy as he makes me, makes sense. Just the same, the future looks bright. She also was dead on about most everything she said about my family. I'd say on the whole I believed 85% of what she was sellin'.
jenni5 jenni5 7 years
My mom went to a psychic in New Orleans. She told her that I would have 3 kids, 1 girl, 2 big boys. This was at least a year before I became pregnant with my 1st girl, then 2nd boy (8lbs 6 oz). Will see if she's right with this last one. So far me and my husband are believers.
JoeyZ JoeyZ 7 years
As we can see, some of us can see "through" cold reading, or what is called in psychology: "confirmation bias". But I wanted to explain cold reading briefly for those who might not know how it is done. Again, it is tied to the aforementioned psychological phenomenon, studied and proven to exist in just about everyone, of re-writing our experiences to match what we want to believe. Cold reading is where a psychic will start throwing out a few things about you that they state in a soft manner, or if in a more firm manner, change it after you shake your head no. It's called cold reading because "hot reading" is when they already know something about you that you don't know they know /9such as over hearing a phone conversation, or seeing something in your car, or a bumper sticker on your car). They employ a little hot reading into their cold reading. If they see you pull up in a beater car and might even over hear you tell your friend or make a phone call complain about a part that needs replaced in the car. If it is a $50 part, they can be fairly confident, but not certain, that you might be struggling financially. They also might note how you received 3 or four phone calls while waiting for them. They listen how you interact with these phone calls. They surmise you have a decent sized social group. They listen to your tone and see if you are a complainer, a sweet person who deals with your issues, ANYthing... that's the key jack pot of a psychic...they (and anyone else trained in cold reading) can listen to ANY phone call and as long as you speak for a few minutes, they can gather several tidbits of things about your personality, some 'dead on' that they extrapolate (extrapolation is the key as well... that way when they bring something up, you can't imagine how they knew that about you, whereas if they mentioned something directly they heard you say, you might realize they must have been listening to your phone call). Then, when they begin their reading, they might say: "Hm.. I am getting a sense of wise, right now" (side note: Who of us DOESN'T experience at least a bit of wanting a little more money.. it's a good thing to start off with since it is very likely to be the case even without having extrapolated that from the beater car. Also, note how it is said 'softly'. This is just in case you are not experiencing hardship and just happen to have a beater car that you haven't had time to fix or are just about to dump and buy a new car. So imagine you show a sign of perplexing expression, like a subtle shaking of the head, a furrowed brow, or even a direct 'Well, actually I just got a promotion and got my first large paycheck.") Psychic adjusts and responds: "Yes, I am feeling that too..a 'surge' in finances, but I am still sensing a hardship with money, perhaps something you will not foresee *because* of the promotion. It's something you can avoid, but I see it coming.. so the good news is, be on the lookout, be careful with your money, so you can prepare for it". (Now imagine within a few weeks something occurs where you will need to spend a larger sum of money to take care of it. You were 'on the look out' for this because of what the psychic said. You had been a little more conservative with your spending and saved up a few hundred dollars (more than you really ever had in your account). You are very likely to think "Wow... the psychic knew this was going to occur...and saved me from ignoring the need to save up some money". What you'd be ignoring is that you often have largish expenses arise unexpectedly. But before, when you had no money, you just did without, or took the set back. This sudden unexpected expense is no different than others you had gotten into, but you don't compare and contrast the propensity of these events with this new one. It's a normal human psychological phenomenon to do this, we all do it. But when we aren’t aware that we are doing this, we think the psychic was right. Back to the psychic: She is using deliberate body language to put you at ease. She nods knowingly with a reassuring smile, switches up to an expression of squinting eyes as if “searching you”, then says something else. “You have friends, something about those friends though… ” She trails off to see if you offer any feedback. (side note: of course. Most people do, but again, if you react negatively either with body language or direct statement, they can adjust…let’s say you shake your head no and say “Actually, I’ve been feeling like I have no real friends lately” Psychic adjusts: “yes, I sense that, but that is what I am getting, that you have a friend…(pause) I’m seeing “two” or a ‘double’…like two friends that you don’t see as true friends but they are.” (The psychic is stabbing around here, hoping to hit on something) (Side note: Now this is a great ‘read’ opens the door up for a plethora of interpretation (just two unrelated nice people you can think of that you hadn’t considered before? Maybe a couple? Maybe your parents who in which you confide but didn’t think of as ‘friends’..if you mention no one, maybe the psychic will start describing a ‘reflection’… a mirror! Maybe you are your own TRUE friend? To thine own self be true!). As they read with these statements, eventually, they hit on gold. That is, they stumble on an amazing thing they couldn’t possibly know, but you don’t realize YOU are feeding THEM the information, like this: “Huh?.....OH! Alicia and Tricia… they are women, twins!, who live two doors down and have always been real sweet to me…wow…. I’ve hung out on the porch with them several times over the years, and we’ve talked about some deep stuff… you know, I have felt a bit of confidence in them…” Psychic: “Yes, are they older then you perhaps?” (The psychic picked up on that you called them ‘women’…and that they often hang out on the porch…a sign that you see them as older. If not, the psychic adjusts, but if so, the psychic “hit”. Add to that if they are really older, like 30 or more years older” You: “yeah, they are like, retired”. Psychic: Yes, I am seeing older women who you can confide in…they care about you. They take an interest in your well being” (Also note the psychic is giving warm fuzzies here…it causes you to start feeling ‘cared for’, ‘loved’… you like this feeling. As well, the psychic makes it look like, AFTER the fact that you told them they were much older, that they already had gotten that sense when they first mentioned them. By the end of the reading, you will not recall the ‘order’ of events in the reading and will ‘add to’ the feeling you are getting now that they gleaned something, that they came up with it all on their own… i.e., “How could they possibly know I had two older twins that lived near me? You grumpy nay-sayers just don’t get it”. You are not realizing they did NOT get that info. You led them to it. The psychic will often throw out real general things that most people experience: finances, love, problems with children if we have them..the list is endless of things MOST people have issues with. When they miss, they adjust as described above. When they hit, they then keep going with it, throwing out things until they see you react. They might be adding things they already ‘hot read’ from you as you entered their booth/shop, such as what is on your key ring, the type of clothes you wear, any tattoos, etc., to make it look even more amazing. Again, they won’t refer directly to the ‘hot read’ item, lest you realize that later, but they will extrapolate. Such as the key ring… they might see a picture of you and your kids… they will then go into ‘sensing’ something about motherhood. The tidbits of information you carry with you into that psychic shop are countless. When the psychic extrapolates, it makes it harder to recognize what they are simply picking up from you. Close to a ‘jackpot’ reading is when they say something without any signs from you that seems dead on, but really is something that can be applied to most people. They might say “I’m sensing someone close to you is in a health crisis. I’m seeing hospital things, like a machine, tubes, nurses walking about”. Now, this is a safe bet, as a LOT of people know someone who is in the hospital or in a nursing home or who has recently been to the hospital. This sounds ‘dead on’ especially when it is someone who normally is young and healthy got put in the hospital for an injury, health issue, etc, recently. You are amazed as you immediately think of your friend, brother, sister, whoever, who had an unexpected but serious issue and was admitted to the hospital. Even more amazing if it just happened and they are still in the hospital. To you, this could NOT have been ‘by chance’. The psychic continues, and says some softer easier things that get you to offer more hard facts, and it keeps going. By the end, it looks like the psychic knew so much about your loved on in the hospital when actually, they just mentioned it generally in the beginning and took cues from you to stab around for more facts. You won’t notice when thay stab and miss, like this: Pyschic: Is your loved one a male? You: Oh, no…my sister. Psychic: Ah, I’m still seeing a man…is she married? You: No. Psychic: (looking a bit perplexed, but certain): “Hmm… does she have a male doctor? You: maybe…I don’t know. Psychic: Hm… something about her doctor, or a care-giver… … I’m getting that they are somehow relating to her, having talks with her..not sure.. like…like, they are becoming intertwined… a male nurse maybe? Check with her, see if she has made a more robust connection with one of her male care-givers…it might be harmless.. maybe a very caring gay man. What you are likely not going to recall is that the psychic started out with a ‘miss’. They completely missed the mark by asking if your loved one was a male. But they made it look like, by the end, that they were seeing a male care-giver. And they are able to back-out of that thread of reading by making it something you can’t establish then and there. And it’s a bonus to them if you find she has been talking to one of her male nurses…even better if he is gay! You are absolutely CONVINCED at that point. (Imagine if your loved one had some interesting chromosome situation, like Jamie Lee Curtis’ Klinefelter's Syndrome where a female has an extra Y chromosome which makes them technically male. You’d be astounded that the psychic figured this out. Or that she had a sex change from a male to female several years back. Again, astounding!) Like the Klinefelter’s syndrome or sex-change event, the jackpot is when they get something right, like dead on, purely by chance. I have done this with at least two people in the 20 or 30 times if have ‘read’ someone. The psychic takes only a slight risk in doing this, because almost any hard statement can be rationalized, like the “is your loved one a male?” or the “financial hardship” example above where the psychic makes that claim, but you respond that you are fine financially. So, they might say something that they did not have any clues from you about, like “I’m seeing a farm.. did you grow up on a farm?” Again, every once in a while, the psychic hits a jackpot. It’d be a miracle if they NEVER hit a jackpot read..chance alone suggests we all will hit an amazing jackpot eventually when we ‘guess’ something totoally off the wall about someone, regardless how good we ar at cold reading. But being trained at cold reading makes our chances of hitting a jackpot reading more likely: “Holy crap… yeah! Till I was 16 and we moved to the city!” They nod and smile. “Do you miss it?” (note here you can answer either way) You: ‘Yeah.. it was so serene” Psychic: “yes…you liked to spend some time alone in the field or by a tree” (what kid DIDN’T have a spot they’d hang out, no matter where they live) You: “yeah, I’d sit out by the old Maple like, all the time.” So, in summary, the psychic makes a LOT of comments, but we don’t notice all the “misses”, and only recall the “hits” because they make a more intense impression. We also think a lot of their threads of reads came up with things they couldn’t possibly come up with, when in fact they just took cues from you from the moment you pulled up, to sitting there in front of them. And finally, when they hit a jackpot read, purely by chance, we think it is absolute proof that they are psychic. When they hit two or three jackpots in a row, like adding the letter of a person in your life when you lived at the farm, or even saying the name, you are a staunch believer. Jackpot hits are no more than guesses that if wrong, they ‘adjust’ or ‘rationalize’, but if right, they seem unbelievable. A friend of mine called me a nay-sayer, but was still open to hear me out, and agreed that some psychics cold read. She audio recorded a psychic reading she had and brought it to me. She was pretty impressed with the reading, and was confident I’d see at least SOME things that there was no way the psychic could know. As I listened, it was so simple to see, because I am trained in the art of cold reading. But she couldn’t see it right away. As I went through it, she’d be impressed and pretty amazed at how she didn’t see it before, but then she’d say “Wait.. there’s another spot I want you to listen to” still confident that there must be SOME part of that read that I couldn’t explain… but I would, and I’d show her how the initial statement was ‘soft’ and I’d count her out the ‘misses” until the psychic “hit”. I’d pause the tape and ‘predict’ what the psychic was going to say next, then continue the tape and the psychic would say almost exactly what I “predicted’. By the end, she was now smiling and sheepishly amazed at how she fell for it and was now more aware of the methods of psychics. It comes down to knowing how to ‘read the reader’, and if you don’t know how to do that, that is the ‘power” of the psychic.
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 7 years
Psychics are big big baloney. Bologna. Whatever. One of my high school teachers was a "psychic" and did a past life reading on me. She said she saw a Roman soldier riding in a chariot and running over people. She said it means I don't really care about anything unless it involves me. Now I'm not trying to toot my own horn here, but I have a reputation of being a very kind, unselfish, caring individual. I left class scratching my head like... "lol wut" My best friend and I went to a local psychic fair once just for fun. Basically everyone there told me I was miserable and lonely, but that money would never be an issue for me. HAHA Ah. No, I don't believe in any of that stuff. SKG, your story is pretty funny. Some people ;)
genesisrocks genesisrocks 7 years
Haha, I went to a psychic once and she told me she was getting a selfless vibe from me. Her partner came back in the room and told me I was selfish but it was okay because I knew what I wanted. I guess one of them was right!
lilegwene lilegwene 7 years
Thanks OhioJoe! I was trying to think of a nice way to say "psychics are bs" and you handled it. ;)
JoeyZ JoeyZ 7 years
Psychic's employ a very old technique called "cold reading". If you are not keen on how this is done, the supposed psychic predictions/insight can appear absolutely astounding! I've experienced it myself. Add to that the very common and proven psychological phenomenon where we often re-write our own past experiences in our minds to match what we think occurred or what we subconsciously want to believe, thus, when someone says your 'psychic' really wasn't as amazing as you recall, you will often call them grumpy no-fun nay-sayers. I did the same thing until learned how to cold read, and amaze other people. Some skeptics (James Randi, for one can cold read very well. He'll amaze an entire audience and pick someone out of the crowd and nail 'dead on' all kinds of things about that person. Then he'll explain how her did it, but the person thinks he is lying and that he really does have psychic powers! That is my area of study, the profound way we humans often will count the evidences for things we want to believe, and make ourselves believes we are accounting for the evidence against. Our perceptions of things around us are painted with a massive amount of preconceptions that we often are supporting false notions or beliefs. The good news is, there are thinking 'tools' we can use to sift through all those preconceptions.
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 7 years
My cousin had a psychic come read palms at her bridal shower. It was freaky. A lot of the people were from out of town and the psychic walked up to a lady and told her she had cancer and had just found out. And it was true - the lady started bawling because she had not wanted to tell the family until after the wedding. She told me I was very studios and goal oriented and that I wouldn't have a successful relationship until I was out of school. I met my husband my second year of grad school.
totygoliguez totygoliguez 7 years
Yes. My mom went to a psychic before marrying my dad.At that time she was engage to another man. The psychic told her that she was not going to marry that guy and that she was going to marrying a military guy and that he was from another country, and that she was going to have two children. In fact, she married a foreign guy, military background and she had two children. My aunt, who is also a psychic also predicted that my dad was going to die. In my case my aunt told me a lot of things that have come true and she told me things that no one knew but me. I have a lot of faith on my aunt. ( She reads the coffee by the way).
Camarogirl67 Camarogirl67 7 years
I've only had a Native woman approach me and tell me that I had a really strong aura, and she wanted to know if she could give me a reading and talk with me a bit. So, not sure if I can quantify that :o( Maybe it's because I'm part Native (Canadian Indian)? Hehe.
Daisy-Duke Daisy-Duke 7 years
My mom went to a psychic and surprisingly she knew a lot of info without my mom having to say much. She just looked at photos. She did also predict that I would be married outside, not in a church, and she got that right!
hypnoticmix hypnoticmix 7 years
The obvious....LOL! Seriously though I believe I did meet one genuine psychic in my life. A women I didn't even know or had ever seen walked up to me when I was having lunch in a health food store. She just said hi _ _ _ _ I'm (her name) and the Universe has sent me to you. She then proceeding to undress me layer by layer and by the time she was done I really felt naked with my clothes on LOL!
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