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Publishers Using Mobile Technology to Get Teens to Read

Publishers Targeting Teen Readers Through Technology

"Teens can be very passionate readers. The format isn't as important as the fact that they're reading."

— Sara Nelson, an editorial consultant of a firm looking for ways to connect teens and books, on how publishers are smart to reach teens via nonbook formats. Publishers are starting to use mobile technology and online social networks to reach young readers.

To promote Lauren Conrad’s new book LA Candy, publisher HarperCollins is using 2D bar codes that, when scanned by cameras on mobile phones from the back of book jackets, lets readers connect to extra content like video interviews with the author.

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bgorgeouss bgorgeouss 8 years
I agree, any reading is good reading! I'm glad that books like Harry Potter, Twilight, (and yes, even this Lauren Conrad book) exist, as they give teens the desire to shut off the TV and read.
mamasitamalita mamasitamalita 8 years
my mom was our school librarian when I was in 5th grade, and when parents would say things like "But my kid is only reading Babysitter Club or Goosebumps books!", Mom would reply "but at least they're reading." if someone picks up Lauren Conrad's book, or that Twilight nonsense or whatever, sure it isn't Jane Eyre, but it's reading, and that's the point.
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