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Dear Sugar
I've been dating this guy for about three months now. We've moved pretty quickly but are both fine with the swiftness of things. He comes from a past of cheating psycho exes and tends to be a little overbearing but sets double standards. While I understand his rationale for being clingy and over protective, I don't feel it is fair not to practice what you preach.

My boyfriend's MySpace page is a catalyst for many arguments because he seems to conveniently only have girls on there. They constantly try to make plans and start up conversations and it obviously makes me extremely uncomfortable.

We've talked about this many times and it usually ends with him telling me that I'm the only one for him and that fighting over his MySpace banter is petty. Am I justified feeling disrespected by my boyfriend's blatant flirting with other women on his MySpace page? Peeved Patricia

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Dear Peeved Patricia
I think we both know the issues with your boyfriend lie deeper than his flirtatious ways on MySpace. I understand your concern, especially after only being together for three months. Since your boyfriend has experienced bad relationships in the past, reassure him that you are different and demand the respect you deserve.

If your boyfriend thinks fighting over his Internet use is petty, he shouldn't have a problem ending it if it means something to you. If he can't let go of his ties with other women, you should see that as a big red flag. If your gut instinct is telling you something is wrong, take a good listen and think about reevaluating this relationship.

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