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Being in a monogamous sexual relationship can be one of life's greatest pleasures, especially when you have both been tested for STIs and you know that you are disease-free. That means you don't have to use condoms when you have sex, but you do need to use another form of birth control if you don't want to get pregnant.

It's been brought to my attention that some couples are using the Pull and Pray Method, also known as Withdrawal. This incredibly risky approach means right before the guy reaches orgasm, he pulls out and ejaculates outside of the woman (and they both pray that she doesn't get pregnant). But ladies and gentlemen, this is NOT an effective form of birth control. This is a pregnancy just waiting to happen.

Why you might ask? Ever heard of pre-ejaculation? It's also known as pre-cum, and it's a liquid that comes out of a man's penis (without his control) before he ejaculates. It can contain sperm so while you don't think your partner is ejaculating inside you, it only takes one little sperm to get you pregnant.

Also, some men have a difficult time controlling their ejaculations -- some don't know when it's coming, and some don't know how to make it stop long enough to pull out of the woman. Having the woman put all her trust in the man withdrawing in time just isn't worth trusting in the Pull and Pray Method -- all in all, it's just a bad idea.

Dear's Advice: Don't have unprotected sex ever unless you want to have a baby! Get yourself a reliable, effective, and consistent form of birth control. The Pill is great if you can remember to take it. Condoms are great if you don't want to remember to take the Pill and there's also the Patch and the NuvaRing if you only want to worry about your birth control once a month. Whatever you choose, just make sure to use it!


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