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Quote of the Week

"I feel like she thinks she deserves to be here because she's pretty."

— Nigel Barker, handsome and dapper judge on America's Next Top Model, about Jenah, the model who got the boot on the finale after she was coaxed to cry in front of the panel. It's a re-run of something he said, but still. . . It's a modeling contest, Nigel. Should she feel she deserves to be there because of her kindness to small animals?

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hotnsexy hotnsexy 8 years
Tyra banks is a b*tch, she always support black girls and she point out mistakes in white girls and if she finds some mistake in black girl, she tries to hide it. And if she find out even a little mistake in white girl, she gets a reason to eliminate them even if they have nice personality and have nice shoots. Now everyone can even notice tyra's injustice and wrong judgement through having a focus on my following points: 1. since ANTM has been started Tyra has gave the winning title to black girls after every two other or white winner girls, like after first two white winners Tyra has gave the title to EVA who was black, and then after eva there were two white winners Nicole and Naima, so after these two girls in Cycle 6 she gave a title to another black girl named Daniel, and then after daniel there were two winners Caridee who was white and Jazlene who was latino, and even after them in cycle 9 Tyra couldn't controll herself of giving title to another black girl named Salisha. Lol, is it some kind of game that tyra is playing to take out her frustration on white girls. You should watch last three girls of cycle 9, you can even see by yourself that the other two girls were more better than Salisha, especially Jenah's photos were best on bunch, even judges said that everytime. 2. There is one other point to be notice for Tyra's injustice and that is, in almost every cycle of ANTM tyra brings one black girl in top three, well is it some type of joke, now everytime it is not neccessary that black girl has to be in top three or maybe tyra's eyes don't feels fresh when she don't see black girl in top three, lol. Tyra pointed this thing in Jennah that she thinks she deserve to be here, but Tyra herself is so over confident about herself, she always gives examples of her modeling life in ANTM, it feels like she thinks that she is the only super model present in this world. 3.And even the other judges are always under the presure of Tyra, they have to think before they speak and that is not fair because in these type of programs every judge should have same right for decisions. And Tyra did the same thing with Janice Dickinson, when she felt that Janice is straight forward, she kicked her out of the program. Well don't think that i'm against black people, i love every one. But here i'm only talking about Tyra's injustice. I used to watch every episode of ANTM and i have noticed each and everything in that program and ANTM used to be my favourite tv show but Now i don't even watch it any more because of tyra. And i would suggest to every white girl to not go for auditioning in ANTM,lol and if they like to get humiliated by Tyra then they should not miss the chance for auditioning there. Tyra is so selfish and mean, she thinks that she is the pretiest and sexiest model in the world, ok she is goodlooking but it doesn't mean that she should be over confident and i'm sure that even in america almost every female model might be better than Tyra the b*tch. Tyra wants every girl of ANTM to be perfect, but the truth is that even Tyra herself is not perfect and no one is perfect in this world. The only thing Tyra and the judges should focus in girls of ANTM, is to find a girl with great personality, portfolio and nice attitude. The other things should not matter like why Jenah is crying for her family, lol.
meeshee meeshee 9 years
JENAH SHOULD HAVE WON!! she has an amazing face and she wasn't fake and giddy all of the damn time. *sigh*
Soapboxer Soapboxer 9 years
This season sucked hot balls. Salesha? Really?? Jenna was the best of the three but failed to kiss Tyra's ass to her liking. Boo and BOO!
ChestyLaRue ChestyLaRue 9 years
I think what he meant to say was, "I really don't have any opinions that really matter. Besides, everyone knows I'M the prettiest!"
sugarbecky sugarbecky 9 years
She was totally robbed-- she should've gone to the T-zone back in the day.
SugarKim4203 SugarKim4203 9 years
Something about her teeth bothered me. She did take great pics though.
nikecold nikecold 9 years
Plus I sure as hell wouldn't be spewing rainbows and butterflies if someone forced that jacked up weave on me either.
nikecold nikecold 9 years
I was pissed about the whole Jenah thing, in her own words just because she doesn't spew rainbows everywhere she goes doesn't mean she's unpleasant or a bitch. Just because she doesn't smile like a damn pageant queen does not make her mean or better than anyone, it just means that maybe unlike the other girls she's had more to worry about than just being pretty, or unlike the other girls she's ok with having a damn opinion!
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