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Rapex, the Anti-Rape Condom

What About Rapex?

A little while ago, I told you about Fem Defence, the device a woman can wear to prick a predator who tries to rape her. You all had a lot to say about it, and user annalia05 mentioned that it was kind of like Rapex. Unlike FemDefense, this is a patented product. It's an antirape female condom that was designed by a South African inventor, wanting to give South African women a way to defend themselves against rape.

It's a tampon-sized device that a woman wears inside her. It clamps down on his penis causing pain and giving the woman a chance to get away from the attacker.

This form of defense is sure to spark debate so tell me your opinion about this this antirape condom. Do you think it could cause more harm than good, or are you all for anything that can help keep women safe from predators?

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