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The Real John McCain in Radar — He Likes Lost and Dexter!

Ooh, don't get excited — I'm not insinuating John McCain is a lady, merely that given this awesome interview in Radar this month by Ana Marie Cox (the original Wonkette) that he deserves the space on the cover instead of Shannen Doherty. So I thought I'd just adjust my cover to my liking.

Cox asked McCain all manner of questions with an emphasis on the pop culture that is less fluffy than you'd think. I mean, we've heard him talk politics for eons. His less practiced answers about TV and movies? I think pretty telling. Like his love of the zombie movie 28 Weeks Later that has oblique references to Guantanamo and a post 9/11 world? McCain shrugs and says, "A lot of those zombie movies are political, you know." Here are the answers I filed away for future reference:

  • On Dexter being one of his favorite TV shows: "I think it's a very good series. I enjoy Dexter; I enjoy The Tudors. You know, I think I'm pretty normal in my tastes.... Lost, I also like Lost. And Prison Break. I think it's a shame when the guys get out of prison. I thought The Wire was an excellent series. I've also heard that John Adams is excellent—that's my next viewing assignment." [Ed. note: I love Lost too! We could totally have TV night together.]
  • On heated discussions with Jon Stewart: "Hey, I don't disrespect the guy. He feels passionately about issues. A lot of times he covers it up with humor, but you can detect there's an intensity there that suggests he's very concerned about America and its future."

To see what else he had to say,


  • On why he does the late-night shows: "One reason I like to go on those shows, particularly ones like Leno or Letterman, is that they help you reach a wide viewing audience that otherwise would not be paying attention to the political scene—people who would never be exposed to the Sunday-morning shows or other programs that politicians traditionally are on."
  • On friends on the left changing now that he's running for president: "Political campaigns are a tough business. I understand that. If you start taking offense or say, "Oh, that's unfair," or all that, you head down a slippery slope. Frankly, if I were getting upset ... you just gotta move on."

Check out the whole piece to see what he digs about Dexter — maybe that can be his Halloween costume? That'd be pretty scary, though I don't know if it's any spookier than this option. . .

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