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Fall in Love: Couple Has One Love For Each Other, Reggae

Welcome to our Fall in Love series featuring authentic love stories from all different kinds of couples. If you want to be featured, here's how.

Today's couple — Deiter and Melissa — say they feel so lucky to be married to their best friend. He comes from Orange County, she comes from Northern California, and now they live in Marin County. I'll let them tell you more about how it was love at first sight.

TrèsSugar: How long have you been together?
Deiter and Melissa: We have been together for five years, married for two months.


TS: What do you do for a living?
D and M: I am the Production Manager for a local jewelry designer, Robindira Unsworth, and have been in the jewelry industry for 10 years. Deiter is a Project Manager for a large advertising agency in SF.

TS: How did you meet?
D and M: We met when Deiter's hip-hop reggae band, Nuffsed, was on tour from Seattle. I was at the show in Fairfax and saw him on stage (he was a vocalist). It was love at first sight. I gave him a few minutes after his set to go to the bar and then sought him out on the smoking patio. All it took was a smile from me and I had him hooked. We spent the next week together while he was in town and I thought I would never see him again (I didn't believe in long distance relationships).

After two months of some serious phone time, Deiter invited me to visit him in Seattle (best weekend ever!) and four months (and many weekend trips) later, I moved to Seattle. We are now back in California.





TS: Describe the other person in one word.
Melissa describing Deiter: Masculine. Deiter describing Melissa: Talented.

TS: What's the one thing you have most in common?
D and M: Our love of reggae music and Latin Caribbean culture.

TS: What's the one way you differ the most?
D and M: Deiter is the tough guy — hardworking, strict, likes to get chores done. Melissa is the softy — likes to take time to relax and splurge on ourselves. Together we are the perfect balance, helping keep each other in check. (Melissa does all of the experimental cooking, Deiter does the dishes.)

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