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This Summer, 20 "real" women (I guess that settles the debate about what to call women over the size of 12) will have a chance to find their love stories on Fox's reality show More to Love. Based on the new promo, the female contestants feel that their size has kept them from finding true love and they're turning to reality TV to change that.

The dating show will feature "a single and eligible man with a big waist and an even bigger heart as he romances several confident and secure plus-size women." Confident and secure sounds great, but these clips of the women crying about ending up alone because of their size reveals that the show is ready to explore (and maybe exploit?) some of these women's insecurities, too. Would we expect anything different from reality TV?

I guess I'll hold out hope that the show will be tasteful, but I doubt it will be groundbreaking. If networks were really concerned about raising acceptance for all sizes, producers would simply include people of all sizes on regular dating shows!

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