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Television shows like Rock of Love and Flavor of Love put undue pressure on real world skanks to outdo the unrealistic levels of skankiness they see on TV, according to the American Media Institute. (It's hard out here for a skank!) “Only 2 percent of skanks will ever get to ride in a stretch limousine," says one pundit, "much less pass out in one.” The funniest part of this Onion Network News clip is how the anchors kept a straight face while pretending to be serious about this. That, and the new band name idea I got from the clip: Skanks Across America.

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lindssaurussss lindssaurussss 8 years
o my god. how can any average skank keep up with these high skank standards?
lostinsomniac lostinsomniac 8 years
There should be a Skank's Anonymous support group for those trying to reform.
Pistil Pistil 8 years
Yeah, skanks need to learn to support each other. For real.
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 8 years love it!
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