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It's Really Red! (No Green Men!) Pictures From Mars Landing!

It's Really Red! (No Green Men!) Pictures From Mars Landing!

NASA is looking for life on Mars and just released pictures from an unexplored region of the red planet. The Mars Phoenix lander traveled 430 million miles from Earth and took 10 months to reach its destination. The mission cost $457 million, including $37 million from Canada.

The lander has a robotic arm, which will search for ice, aka water, on the planet. NASA scientists, almost certain that Mars has some conditions for life, are looking for proof. So far, there have been no complications!

Considering 50 percent of Mars missions fail, do you think this project is worth the exorbitant amount of money? Is financing scientific discoveries not immediately relevant to your everyday life still an important function of government? Check out these great pictures from the Martian planet!

It's red!

Nice legs!

The plains of the northern polar region of Mars.

The Phoenix Mars Lander will search for basic signs of life in the surface ice on Mars.

Here, the Phoenix Mars Lander's solar arrays are seen.

Mission control room before the successful Phoenix Mars Lander spacecraft's scheduled landing.

Mission control room celebrates the successful landing.

Hooray! Now just find some life!

Phoenix principal investigator Peter Smith and Phoenix project manager Barry Goldstein brief reporters.

Do you think they'll find life?


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