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Reasons to Date a Military Man

Bringing Home the Troops: 7 Reasons to Date a Military Man

We're happy to present this excerpt from one of our favorite sites, YourTango.

Obama is bringing the troops home from Iraq, and it's a single woman's perfect opportunity to snag a man in uniform. So, dust off your patriotic heels and show our men in service just how much you appreciate their sacrifices.

Even though dating someone in the military can be incredibly challenging on many different levels, there are numerous reasons why a man in the service could be your ideal beau:

  1. Conviction.
    Nothing says sexy more than someone who is putting his life on the line to protect your freedoms and rights. Joining the military is a choice; by serving his country, you know he has strong ideals and is willing to fight for them.
  2. He is in great physical shape.

    Let's not pretend that the fact he's probably in the best shape of his life doesn't turn you on. The rigorous training he is committed to is part of his daily routine, and you get to reap the benefits of his occupation's strict physical and dietary habits. We'll salute to that.

  3. Potential for love letters.

    Since your relationship will probably be long-distance at certain points and for long periods of time, communication becomes quintessential. This means lots of emails, chats, phone conversations, and snail mail. The possibility of epic literary confessions of love is immense.

  4. Independence and co-dependence.

    Since he is often in unfamiliar environments, you know that he can take care of himself. He is trained to survive hostile circumstances and protect his fellow soldiers, so he knows what it takes to work as a team. He knows how to work together for a common goal, but he can also assess a difficult situation and figure out a solution on his own. This can translate well for relationships. After all, love can be a battlefield too.

To see three more reasons, check out YourTango: Bringing Home The Troops: 7 Reasons To Date A Military Man


Written by Lisa Thong for YourTango.

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danakscully64 danakscully64 5 years
^^^ Exactly.
hibiscus96818 hibiscus96818 5 years
Please tell me this is a joke. This article makes me cringe. Every one of these "reasons to date a military man" is completely superficial. Being a military girlfriend or wife is not a status symbol. It's one of the most difficult things most of us have ever dealt with...long separations due to trainings and deployments, extremely high stress.
danakscully64 danakscully64 5 years
I dated a military man, it's not as "romantic" as this article paints it to be. And remember... not everyone joins willingly. Some do it to get out of jail time.
dashsuede dashsuede 5 years
Generalizing, irishfan? Rude. But I have to say the article is complete rubbish. It was a nice try, but the title itself made me burst into laughter.
irishfan irishfan 5 years
hahaha military men are scums
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