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Reasons Why He Didn't Ask You Out Again

10 Reasons Why He Didn't Ask You Out Again

We're happy to present this excerpt from one of our favorite sites, YourTango.

So, you went on a first date with an amazing guy.
You thought you looked great in that dress.
You’re pretty sure he found the stories about your dog hilarious.
You're certain that he didn’t notice you got a little tipsy on all those cocktails.
But then he doesn't call.
Or text.
Or email.

Cue: calling your girlfriends to dissect every. single. thing he said and every. single. thing you did.

Why didn't he ask you out again?

I asked the guys in my life what makes them fore go a second date with an otherwise awesome lady. Here’s what they said.

  1. Too easy to get into bed — Guys love it when you’re crazy hot for them – who wouldn’t?! But nobody wants to feel like they’re being used for sex or that anybody-with-the-right-parts-will-do. Some guys separate women into camps of ‘One Night Stands’ and ‘Girlfriend Material.’ And though it’s not necessarily fair, those ladies who are quick to bed sometimes end up in the former.
  2. You're not sexually compatible And/Or He's not into your body — So maybe there's a bit of canoodling on that first date – at least enough to figure out where each of you fall on the continuum of sexuality. Maybe you kiss or move in a way that doesn't quite work for him. Maybe you can't relax or he can’t leave the lights on. Maybe you want it a little rough and he wants things soft and tender. Neither of you are 'doing it wrong' – but you're probably not right for each other.

    Some guys like little skinny women. Some men like their curvy mamas. They just like what they like. I highly recommend you be with a man who likes your body the way it already is. Not if you loose a few or gain a few. Women need to be desired. A part of us dies if we don't feel sexually appealing. Your body type may not do it for him and he’s doing you a favor by not asking you again. Find the man who wants to wrap himself up in your deliciousness — they way you already are.

Finish reading the rest of the story on YourTango: 10 Reasons Why He Didn't Ask You Out Again

Written by Danielle Dowling for YourTango.

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