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Reasons the World Cup Is Good For Your Relationship

5 Reasons the World Cup Is Good For Your Relationship

When the World Cup kicks off this Friday, soccer fans around the world will obsess for a month. According to one TV station's ad, this means girlfriends will have to endure four long weeks of neglect, since apparently only guys watch. The channel's ad offers a couple cheeky solutions: dust off your vibrator or turn on their soccer-free programming. But I disagree that we even need a solution. The world's major soccer event is a chance to enjoy the sport and improve your relationship. Here's why:

  1. You can impress your mate. If you played soccer growing up, the action on the field, and not just the hot men, will intrigue you. Considering soccer is the most popular sport among American girls, I bet many of you former soccer players can dazzle your partners with your insider knowledge.
  2. It's a chance to bargain. If you're not naturally inclined to watch sports, putting in time watching the World Cup will give you leverage when you try to get your significant other hooked on shows you like, be it Glee, True Blood, or the Real Housewives.
  3. There are bonding opportunities. Whether you wake up at the crack of dawn to watch an important match, perfect yelling "goooooal" in unison, or commiserate when your team misses a penalty kick, getting into the tournament together gives you a chance to make memories.
  4. Flirty rivalries allow you to kiss and make up. If you want to root for France and he's on board with Mexico, battle it out as sworn enemies throughout the match and then make up after . . . in the bedroom.
  5. It's an excuse to socialize. Organize or attend game-day parties, and you'll get to know each other's friends better. This will come in handy when you want to have non-fútbol related fun together!

Will you be watching?

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noonehere noonehere 7 years
Bloody hell.... I won't have to implement any of this.. Since my crazy british real fan of soccer boyfriend.. is leaving for South Africa for 3 weeks. I'll be home alone, and frankly wish I could get mad at him for watching soccer. Our next romantic dinner is already planned.. It will be in a pub watching England/USA next saturday and then bye bye...
Paris-de-loin Paris-de-loin 7 years
I agree with Frenched! I will try to implement some of these tips, but at the end of the day they won't work if my bf is 100% distracted by the game. I have a feeling that for real fans a little flirty rivalry, for example, will not be considered very cute -- especially if it's distracting him from an important game! I think my situation is a bit extreme though. I have never watched a soccer game with my boyfriend. And he's a national championship college soccer coach! Every game I've ever see (8 total) he's been on the field. I'm not sure that the world cup will be the best time for me to ask my questions about the game :-/
Lyv Lyv 7 years
Omg! That ad is so true ! We should all start dusting off our vibrators right now because everybody knows us ladies don't need our sex toys until our mean, irrationally sports-obsessed boyfriends start ignoring us over stuff like the World Cup. And obviously ALL of them are that way, because they're boys! If they were girls, naturally they'd hate sports. And be like, super needy. Oh boy how are we ever going to survive these four weeks. ...And yeah this article is ridiculous too
theshellizzle theshellizzle 7 years
this article is ridiculous
Frenched Frenched 7 years
I will try to follow these tips and make the best of it because, HONESTLY, I'm terrified of the following next four weeks. Not only because I'm probably going to go crazy with so much soccer, but because this will probably be a HUGE distraction to my huband's job-seeking duties. I want to make sure that he enjoys the event but, he still needs to be responsible.
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