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All relationships have their ups and downs as personal needs and the demands of life fluctuate, but typically we think of these low points as emotional challenges rather than sexual disappointments. However, like all other aspects of a relationship, sex requires work and development, so it’s not surprising when couples encounter difficulties in the bedroom. Though I’m sure there are some of us still satisfying our voracious sexual appetites, I think many people have encountered a sexual dry spell in their relationship before. Have you? And if so, how did you and your boyfriend get out of it?


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frenchie77 frenchie77 8 years
No dry spell - YET. Well there was that one week where we were both WAY to exhausted for it, but it was only one week, and the Saturday after that was... let's just say - AMAZING!
sparklestar sparklestar 8 years
We haven't had a dry spell yet. I always want sex though so he just needs to keep up with me. Him working full time is difficult though because he's usually exhausted in an evening when I'm raring to go!
chrisTyyy chrisTyyy 8 years
This sounds silly cause even though I use birth control, the possibility of getting pregnant because protection didn't work scares me to death so I'm on a break from it for now. We are fine without it and only living off of one income right now, we can't afford the responsibility. :(
DarlingDA DarlingDA 8 years
But now we're good...very good!!!
danzerdrea7 danzerdrea7 8 years
We broke up...but I am pretty sure the dry spell was just a sign of us drifting apart. It was eye opening for me, because I usually have a good sexual appetite and to lose it meant something was wrong.
DarlingDA DarlingDA 8 years
I was diagnosed with Grave's Disease (hyperthyroidism) recently, so it explains why I only have the energy for once or twice a week sessions. We went for almost two months with no sex, but he didn't have a job and I was working full time, and let's be honest, an unshaven manchild that you have to take care of financially and emotionally isn't sexy.
gemsera gemsera 8 years
OMG a dry spell is tough. I think they mostly happen due to outside factors, stress, depression, weight gain etc. all bad things. I think the most important thing to realise is that your with someone you love, relax, and have fun together, stop the pressure and it will happen.
princess_eab princess_eab 8 years
Well, we broke up. I think the dry spell began to start when we moved in together, and it got worse and worse with money problems, and then I started to get upset that he continually turned me down because he was "tired" and wanted to sit on the computer all night - basically it sucked and the upshot is that he didn't love me anymore (I'm guessing), so we broke up. sigh.
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 8 years
hmmm yea we had one when we got our puppy because we were a little preoccupied....but it's all good now and we're back to doing the naughty on a daily basis :) I was gettign tired of no nooky so I dressed up super sexy and downloaded some porn for him to watch :D needless to say he loved it and keeps me coming everynight :)
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