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Religious Hate Crimes Down, Except Against Jews

With last week's news that Missouri sixth-graders had organized "Hit a Jew Day," it appears a new generation of children are being exposed to hateful attitudes towards the traditionally targeted minority.

The total number of religiously motivated hate crimes dropped in 2007, yet the number of crimes directed against a people because of their Jewish religion increased from 2006.

Of the 1,477 crimes perpetrated against victims because of their religion in 2007, 68 percent of them were against Jews. Comparatively, only nine percent of those crimes were perpetrated against Muslims.

Crimes based on race still make up the biggest proportion of hate crimes. While it's promising that overall religious tolerance is growing, let's hope more Americans avoid violence based on hate.


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jenious jenious 8 years
good point, poissondujour. i didn't even hear about this one time. makes you wonder. sad.
karenpanna karenpanna 8 years
Dear stars, what the heck do their parents teach them?! The worst part is that because they are minors all they will get is a slap on their wrist for performing a hate crime.
kh61582 kh61582 8 years
Oh my God! I hadn't even heard about this. That's absolutely terrible. Of all the groups to persecute I really don't see any reason or justification. What's so wrong with Jews? I'm out of the loop on this one. I don't see what there is to hate.
poissondujour poissondujour 8 years
michlny - I'll put in my ditto on that. The survivors in my family always thought it could happen here. Prepared for it even. and CaterpillarGirl - Things weren't that rosy back in the day, it just seems like it. Kids at school told me a couple of times that I only asked for a turn on the games because I was a greedy Jew. That was before I hit double-digit ages. This really, really terrifies me. Why doesn't it get more attention?
janneth janneth 8 years
Think how inferior these jerks must feel to attack someone because of their religion. How inferior and puny.
MarinerMandy MarinerMandy 8 years
It's so ridiculous. Like let's attack the Jews or Muslims or whoever and then all our own problems will magically disappear. Just pick a race/religion/gender and decide that all your problems are their fault. It just doesn't make sense to me. I used to work in an office that was next door to a Jewish center. There was an incident where some guy in a van would drive by all the time and occasionally walk into our office asking about the rabbi...totally creepy. We alerted the police and they started to drive by every so often and the guy eventually went away. It was pretty scary because this wasn't too long after the shooting at the Jewish center in Seattle. Plus people ALWAYS mistook their space for us and I sat right by the door, so it was a little scary for everyone involved for a while.
michlny michlny 8 years
As the granddaughter of FOUR Holocaust Survivors, I'm frightened.
juju4 juju4 8 years
I feel that intolerance in this country has increased. While we think that we are making headway in some areas (racism perhaps?) people still continue to judge others based on religion, ethinicity or nation of origin, sexual orientation, and even political preference. We rise and fall together. We, as a country, need to practice what we preach and just respect each other. Spreading hate for a particular group of any kind just breeds more narrowmindedness.
What's paradoxical about all this is that, at religion's core are messages of tolerance, love, peace, compassion, etc... This is hypocrisy, and more reasons for atheists and agnostics to decry religion. This is worth a read: A letter from God to Americans -
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 8 years
when i was in sixth grade we were organizing freaking bake sales to send the safety patrol to its "hit a jew day"???????
Jude-C Jude-C 8 years
God, that's awful. Several members of the synagogue where I work had their houses vandalized a few months back. They all live in the same gated community, and the attacks all happened within a couple of nights of each other. Their homes were defaced, their doors were duct-taped shut somehow, and their cars were vandalized. It seemed clear that it was directed at them because of their religion, since only Jews' homes were targeted.
stephley stephley 8 years
None of it makes sense, and while some of the news in the report is encouraging, I'm afraid things will change for the worse as the economic crisis deepens.
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