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Accidents happen, but when they happen with red wine, someone is bound to get quite upset. If the spill is caught in time, luckily there are ways to remove red wine stains.

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  • While your first reaction is to want to rub, wash, or even smear the stain, which could set it, the best thing to do, regardless of the fabric or surface, is to simply blot the stain and excess wine immediately with a dry paper towel
  • If you stain a dry clean only garment or table cloth, do not pretreat the fabric
  • If you stained a machine washable fabric, after you blot, mix one teaspoon of mild dish soap (Joy, Dawn, etc.) with one cup of hydrogen peroxide in a bowl. Soak a clean sponge in the mixture and blot the stain away. (Best to test a small corner of the fabric just to be safe the peroxide won't stain)
  • Make sure to place a towel or napkin in between the two layers of your shirt or pants so the wine doesn't bleed onto the stain free side
  • If your fabric is washable, wash immediately in cold water and air dry. Repeat if necessary. If your fabric is dry clean only, again, don't pretreat it and take it to the cleaners as soon as possible
  • If you do not have peroxide handy, club soda is another good home remedy. The carbonation has been known to lift stains right up
  • Pouring white wine over the red wine stain is another good tip. The white wine will neutralize the red. Blot with a thick towel and remember, do not rub or smear the stain
  • Salt is another proven household remedy that works on both fabrics and carpets. Simply blot the stain and pour salt on the surface. The salt will prevent the stain from setting until you can properly treat the surface
  • Baking soda is yet another option. Once the wine has been blotted, pour some water on the carpet, cover with excess baking soda, and once it is dried, vacuum

I hope these tips help you the next time you have a dinner party disaster or a spill at a restaurant. Wine Away is a great product sold at most grocery stores that every home should have and if any of you have tips that I have missed, please share below!


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