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Reproductive Coercion: How Men Trick Women Into Becoming Pregnant

How Men Trick Women Into Becoming Pregnant

The idea of man messing with his partner's birth control sounds terrible but not too common — yet it's not terribly uncommon. A study conducted last year among 1,300 16 to 29-year-old women found 15 percent reported birth control sabotage.

Not surprisingly a man who gets in the mood by puncturing holes in condoms is also likely to physically abuse women. Of the 53 percent who reported physical or sexual violence from a partner, 35 percent also had partners who either tampered with birth control or coerced them to get pregnant. In fact, among women who were victims of both violence and coercion, the risk of unintended pregnancy doubled.

So what exactly are these men doing? Here are some stories from Know More, Say More, a site that explores the connection between reproductive health and violence.

[He] deliberately sabotaged the condoms — pretending that they’d slipped or broken, when in fact he would purposely remove the condom before ejaculating.

He always refused to wear a condom and would act offended when I suggested he use one.

He said the pill made women want to have sex all the time, and that I’d start to cheat on him and sleep with random boys because I wouldn’t need to use a condom any more.

[A] whole rows of pills would disappear. When Carollee called her boyfriend on the disappearing birth control, he responded that he “knew” she wanted to have his child.

Factor in that men who refuse to not only help pay for abortions, but also threaten physical or emotional violence if a woman does not keep the baby, and it gives a whole new meaning to unwanted pregnancy.

Source: Flickr User SpentPenny

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