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eschiano eschiano 5 years
I think it is great you are trying to inform readers of more insight into BOTH parties, it makes sense the republicans are covered first as their convention comes first. Please continue highlighting the election from both viewpoints. 
annabelleb annabelleb 5 years
I think it is great you are covering BOTH Republican and Democratic National Conventions, with class and respect.  Seriously, "anti-Obama"?  You must watch CNN right?
therealgirlnextdoor therealgirlnextdoor 5 years
Boy, most of the commenters are foaming at the mouth with which manifests itself by their hatred of any one saying something negative about their false God, Obama.  Really shows their lack of character and intolerance.    Annie Cutter is a propagandist.  Among other lies, she states, "the official party platform calls for a ban on abortion in all cases." Annie, where did you get that falsehood? Daily Kos? An email from team Obama? You should really consider your sources and not be so lazy about doing a little research, or you"ll spend your whole career being a lowly writer for an obscure website like this.
Goldie3140804 Goldie3140804 5 years
Tammy Flynn said it all: "Republicans don't compromise." Very childish and problematic. 
awayaway awayaway 5 years
Um... Everyone understands that there's Republican coverage now because that convention is going on now, right? I'm sure there will be plenty of Democrat coverage when that convention starts. They're only covering the Republicans because that's the one that's currently happening... 
betsyh betsyh 5 years
 @sweetocd I totally agree. I was under the impression that PopSugar was at least a neutral media outlet. Guess not!
betsyh betsyh 5 years
ugh! could do without the coverage of any of those women! Waste of time reading that article!
betsyh betsyh 5 years
UGH could do without any coverage of anti-women issues!
Annie-Gabillet Annie-Gabillet 5 years
@sweetocd We'll be heading to the DNC, too. So hopefully you can check back for our coverage of that.
sweetocd sweetocd 5 years
I am so disappointed in Popsugar!  I had no idea that this site was going to be so blatantly pro-Republican...its just so inappropriate for a media outlet to promote political views of any kind......are you trying to manipulate your fan base? You are exhibiting anti-Obama sentiments here, what has that got to do with entertainment news?  We don't read Popsugar for politics, we don't need to know who your writers vote for, surely?   Now I'm really embarrassed that I was a regular reader. Consider me "signed out".
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