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Should Graphic 9/11 Footage Be Off-Limits in Partisan Context?

While watching the Republican National Convention last night, disturbing images of September 11 put a pit in my stomach. Around 8:40 p.m. EDT, the RNC aired a video that included slow-motion footage of a plane striking the WTC, the towers' collapses, and images of a burning Pentagon, while a narrator conjured up memories of bodies falling from buildings. Even more, the 9/11 tribute video opened with a reference to Iran. The horrific images undoubtedly upset every American, but it left me wondering if the Republican National Convention was the proper time to evoke those painful memories.

The Boston Globe noted that running 9/11 graphic images in a partisan context "was one of the few surviving campaign-season taboos." Keith Olbermann actually apologized to viewers, saying that it was probably not appropriate for MSNBC to show the video.

Supporters of the video could argue that America needs to get real about threats and get real about which president will keep them safe from the threats. The narrator of the video furthers that point saying, "and for too long we've looked the other way. But the enemy is wrong. This is a war America will win. We'll have a president who knows how."

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