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Retailers, Relax!

Dear Sugar
I am tired of pushy sales people. I love to shop; it's a hobby for me. I find it relaxing and a nice way to spend free time. I like to think of my wardrobe as pretty creative too; a mix of eclectic and retro so I don't really like having outfits picked out for me. I am a sensitive shopper. I understand that most sales people make commission, so I never ask for help unless I need something. So why aren't sales people sensitive to buyers who may just be browsing? There is this one girl at my favorite store that basically attacks me as soon as I walk in the door. She's all matchy and way too conventional for my taste. The moment you pick something up, she's already in your face pairing it with 3 different pieces. It drives me nuts and I want to tell her to back off. She is invading my personal shopping space! What can I say to her so she'll get the hint and leave me alone? Bothered Browser

Dear Bothered Browser
Try to avoid eye contact with her the next time you enter the store! If /when she approaches you, tell her nicely that you are just browsing and that you will let her know if you need her help. If she still won't take a hike, express to her that she's coming on a little too strong and that you don't even have your wallet with you. If her boss is anywhere in earshot, I guarantee she will get a tongue lashing.

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