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Want to stop climate change? Start by trying to fit into a pair of vintage bell bottoms.

A new study reveals that if the current world population was more like that of the 1970s (aka slimmer), there would be less pollution.

The report uses the UK as a case study. In the 1970s only 3.5 percent of the British population was classified as obese. Today, 40 percent of Britons fit that description.

While this larger reality undoubtedly has serious health consequences, researchers wanted to know how the weight gain impacts the environment.

Compared to the 1970s, the UK consumes 19 percent more food. The increase in food production equates to an extra 60 mega tons of greenhouse gas emissions each year. There are also not-so-obvious consequences. Thanks to a heavier population, much more fuel is needed to transport modern-sized people.

So how can we get back to the environmental friendly ways (and weights) of the 1970s? Think green —as in vegetables. Three decades ago people ate larger portions of vegetables and smaller portions of meat. They also engaged in more physical activity back in the day. Can you dig it?


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