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Rielle Hunter Memoir

Surprising Confessions From Rielle Hunter's Memoir About Edwards Affair

After John Edwards was recently acquitted on violating campaign finance rules and having five more criminal counts dropped, his mistress and baby mama, Rielle Hunter, shares her side of the story about her infamous affair with the former presidential candidate in her memoir out June 26. In the book, titled What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter, and Me, Rielle makes some surprising confessions about her relationship with "Johnny" and her feelings toward his late wife, Elizabeth, who was dying of cancer at the time of the affair. If you're intrigued by the tell-all but aren't sure you'll actually read it, here are some of the juicy tidbits from Rielle Hunter's memoir:

  • John didn't come clean about his other affairs to Rielle until 2011, which included at least two other women as far back as 20 years ago.
  • John actually lied to her about having more mistresses than he actually had to keep her from getting attached.
  • She calls Elizabeth a "witch on wheels" in the book and claims she harassed her and physically abused John.
  • After Elizabeth discovered the truth about the affairs at the end of 2006, she called Rielle from John's phone, and when Rielle answered with "Hey, baby," Elizabeth hung up.
  • To keep suspicion off of John when she was pregnant, she agreed to let his aide Andrew Young claim paternity of the child, and she even lived with Andrew's wife and children. She writes that this lie is the thing she regrets the most in regards to her relationship with John.
  • Rielle and John filmed a sex tape in Uganda that Andrew tried to sell.
  • In 2008, John admitted to the affair with Rielle but not to Quinn being his daughter. Rielle writes that he must have been "temporarily insane" to not cop to being the father of their baby.
  • She alludes to them still having a romantic relationship, writing, "I really have no idea what will happen with us. The jury is still out. But I can honestly say that the ending is of no concern to me anymore. The love is here. And as sappy as it may sound, I love living in love."

And stay tuned for even more details when Rielle is interviewed on 20/20 this Friday.

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