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Ring Returner Sues Bianca Jagger For Reward!

Former Mrs. Mick Jagger has been brought into court after a man found her $250,000 platinum ring in Austria. Reinhard Ringler (appropriate name) is suing human rights activist Bianca Jagger for his $12,000 reward.

Under Austrian law Ringler is due five percent of the value of the returned object. Jagger argues that he took too long to return the ring — she got it back in eight days. Jagger unsuccessfully offered to pay $11,000 to Amnesty International and $1,000 to Ringler's daughter.

Do you think mandatory reward laws should be enforced as a positive incentive to return lost property? Maybe I should move to Austria and start a business "finding" lost property and returning it for a reward.


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UnDave35 UnDave35 8 years
star - Those went out the window in the 60's-80's when we taught our children (me included) to only be concerned for numeral uno.
starangel82 starangel82 8 years
I thought it was MJ too. Freaky. If it's the law, then it should be followed. But I really don't think it should be a law though. Whatever happened to Good Samaritans and moral people?
Myst Myst 8 years
lmao Dave
Michelann Michelann 8 years
Well, Dave, at least you're willing to admit it...
UnDave35 UnDave35 8 years
If I had found the $250,000 platinum ring, and knew I wasn't going to get any type of reward, I'd have found a way to sell it, or keep it myself. Finder's keepers.
Myst Myst 8 years
it's the law, give him his money. We may think it's stupid but we're not Austrians so who knows. It's not like she can't afford it. Heck if it was me and she was acting like that I'd pawned just to be spitefu (I'm just kididng)l.
Rally-RE Rally-RE 8 years
i thought it was michael jackson, too! perhaps they go to the same plastic surgeon!
Pegona Pegona 8 years
It seems like a stupid law (though we don't know all the details about it--Is giving money to charity instead of to the finder acceptable under its precepts? Presumably thievery isn't covered by it.), but it doesn't seem like a law that's HURTING anyone. So follow it, Bianca. This is not a good excuse for civil disobedience.
Michelann Michelann 8 years
That law is beyond ridiculous. What if the person getting their object back can not pay 5%? Furthermore, it seems like this law would encourage people stealing things just to 'return' them for a reward.
hartsfull hartsfull 8 years
True UD, even though it's a ridiculous law. She should have just paid it. Emily, that is a very good point, to everything you said!
emily_88_88 emily_88_88 8 years
it's not whether or not she's willing to give the 12 grand, since she's already agreed to give the 12 grand. but the problem is that she chose to give 11,000 of it to a charity. it shouldn't be her call where his money goes. give him the money! i wonder if she wanted to give the money to amnesty international to get a tax deduction?
UnDave35 UnDave35 8 years
If it's the law, it should be followed. Give the man his money.
hartsfull hartsfull 8 years
:wave: Kim! Jeeze my spelling is terrible! I must learn to proofread!
Kimpossible Kimpossible 8 years
I thought it was MJ too. I think mandatory reward laws are unnecessary and could be inapprorpriate. It doesn't encourage people to return things, it encourages people to be greedy. You don't return a lost item to it's owner for a reward, you return it because it's the right thing to do.
bengalspice bengalspice 8 years
talk about morals and ethics.
hartsfull hartsfull 8 years
Oops, not all in agreement anymore.
hartsfull hartsfull 8 years
I thought that WAS Micheal! I agree forcing people to give a reward is stupid. While giving a reward when one can afford it is nice too. It is possible for someone to have a valueable, like from an inheriatance, but not have the money to give for a reward. Which is not the case here, but a law could really be a bad thing for someone else. It does sound strange that he waited over a week to return it. Or who knows, maybe he had a logical reason for taking awhile. Anyway, the consensus is: that's bogus! :)
Zivanod Zivanod 8 years
Interesting law, huh? Well since it's the law, then she should pay it.
lilegwene lilegwene 8 years
The finder's fee is stupid. I didn't know Austria had that law. People definitely should give rewards for their returned valuables, especially something $250,000 valuable, but shouldn't be forced into it. I think $12,000 is way too much of a reward to be forced into.
pioneers pioneers 8 years
CG--I seriously thought that was MJ too. Eerie!
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 8 years
bianca looks suspiciously like Micheal Jackson What a greedy b*stard to demand more money for the return of a ring! I have found countless items in my time, wallets, rings, watches, money, and returned them without my hand out for a reward. what happened to doing good deeds? He is not a good role model for his daughter at all.
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