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Road Trips Essentials For Couples

What You Need For a Romantic Road Trip

Keeping couples in mind, we found everything you and your man need to hit the road before Summer ends. Whether you're on your honeymoon, visiting the in-laws, or simply adventuring, essentials like the perfect playlist will bring you closer together and keep the conversation going between pit stops. So print out those Google maps and check this list twice; here's to Summer 2013!

  • Road-trip stationery ($7): Road-tripping for your honeymoon? These little cards are a fun (nonemail) way to let your bridal party and loved ones know how your adventures are going.
  • Conversation-starters ($25): Before the silence gets awkward, turn to these cards. They will keep the conversation going for hours, no matter how long you've known each other!
  • Travel wineglasses ($13 for four): First things first: don't drink and drive. But if you're planning on stopping for a long picnic or to watch the sunset, then turn to these acrylic wineglasses . . . and your favorite vino.

Check off your entire list of road-trip essentials after the break!

  • Picnic blanket ($98): Use this wool blanket (with a carrier) to cuddle up wherever your adventure takes you, whether it be the beach, a park, or anywhere!
  • Duffel bag ($90): We love this simple carryall bag. This one is especially great to use on the go for snacks or as a beach bag. Just fold it up when it's not in use!
  • Film ($100): Give your iPhone a rest (gasp) and capture the moment with instant, Polaroid-like film. This is a fun way to collect photos along the way for a scrapbook when you return home.
  • Your favorite music (free): No road trip is complete without good music. Before you two head out, make a few playlists of your favorite songs. It will be fun when "your song" starts to play and sparks memories of a special moment together.
  • Video app (free): While Instagram now has a video feature, Viddy takes shareable action shots to the next level. This free app is a fun way to capture flicks of your trip and quickly share them with your friends and a filter (of course!).
  • Restaurant guide ($13): Never miss the opportunity for a romantic dinner with a little help from Zagat. Referring to this could be a cool way to kick off each adventure in a new town.
  • Memory notebook ($60): The cover of this notebook ("I Love You Because . . . ") says it all and can be used to jot down special memories. Have your guy do the same, and switch notebooks at the end of your trip.
  • Snacks ($25): Snacks like caramel corn are vital. Whatever you pack, just make sure no guy or gal ever goes hungry.
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