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Rock and Roll Style

Dear Sugar
I am a young professional (23) in the ever changing music industry. I run a successful booking firm and spend roughly 15+ hours working per day. The course of my day can entail anything from office meetings, to business lunches to press parties. I need some wardrobe help. All I seem to be wearing lately are skinny jeans, vintage band t-shirts and Chuck Taylors. I love these clothes because I grew up dressing very punky (rock, not Brewster) and it's comfortable to me. However, I'm an attractive girl and would like to translate my rock and roll style into something a little more sophisticated. I am on the go all day long, so I need simple yet big statement pieces. Can you offer any wardrobe advice? Grungy Margie

Dear Grungy Margie
Right now gold accessories and chunky jewelry are in! You could be wearing something as simple as a wife beater and jeans but jazz it up and personalize it with a thin gold belt, metallic ballet flats, layered charm necklaces, a funky pair of earrings and a scarf tied to your bag. Go out and buy some staples - a few super long t-shirts to wear belted, a thin belt, a thick belt to accentuate your waist, a pair of flats, a pair of stilettos (for your skinny jeans) and some accessories. If you want to incorporate your rock and roll look - skulls are super hot right now. Wear a skull necklace, earrings or a skull scarf like the one Sienna Miller wears. Top the look off with a fabulous black fringe bag with bulky hardware (now that's rock and roll). Don't even consider buying anything with frills or a pastel flowery feminine pattern. Think more like red high heels, cropped opaque black tights, a short jacket and studded bracelet. Dressing like punk is about your individuality and your confidence. Be proud of who you are, rockers don't feel peer pressure to fit into society's norms - they dictate what's cool!

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