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Ron Paul or RuPaul

Where I'm Clicking Now: The Caucus

This is another goodie I gathered while we were all distracted by last month's shop-and-wrapapalooza. Now the New York Times is deservedly one of the fancy papers of record, and their political blog, The Caucus is worthy of the Times moniker, so I love, love when they branch out to, let's say, softer news.

This quiz helps answer the burning political question, "Ron Paul, or...Ru Paul?" Come on, this you gotta see—but be warned, you'll have to "work it girl"—it's harder than you'd think!


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wackdoodle wackdoodle 9 years
Ok glad you bought this up. I was working on a Saturday and these "Ron Paul" Supporters were marching down Market Street here in San Francisco. Their penmanship was very bad on their signs and it was close to "Pride Weekend". So I hear " ...Paul for everyone! R..Paul today! ..Paul for Everyone!" I look at the sign they're like 20 feet away I swer it says Ru Paul for President! Cool. Pride humor. Or maybe RuPaul is running for president... Another person turns to me and asks "What or who are they?" I say,"I think they're early for Pride and they really like RuPaul." The person goes, "Oh that's what I thought." At the same time I swear we both turned to the Ron Paul supporters and shouted, "YOU BETTER WORK! SUPERMODEL! WORK IT GIRL! DO YOUR THING ON THE RUNWAY!" (It's SF, it's the week before Pride, rainbow flags flying the NAVY is coming everyone is jazzed people shout;)) Then I said, "RuPaul for queen!" The Ron Paul supporters all six of them stopped marching and stood there. "Why do people keep saying that?"
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