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19 Lessons Ross and Rachel Taught Us About Love

Sep 22 2014 - 2:30pm

When we think of TV's best (and funniest) couples, there's no argument that Ross and Rachel make the list (or even top it). They're not your Disney fairy-tale [1] lovers, but their happy ending comes pretty darn close. We've cheered for them during their highs and cried with them during their lows, but we never gave up on the dynamic duo. They mimic a real-life relationship (cue the breakups-and-makeup-sex cycle) that most of us can relate to, which is why, even a decades after Friends [2] ended (and two since it began), the lessons we learned about love are still fresh. We have to thank Ross and Rachel for all they've taught us and remember that finding our own lobsters takes work.

Couples Should Always Be Honest With Each Other

There's an Even Better Term For Soul Mate

Those Who Dance Together, Stay Together

Being Drunk Is Fun, But Being a Drunk Couple Is Better

Wild Sex Is Great Sex

Breaks Are Confusing

If She Ignores Your Kiss, She Is Mad

Couples Do Dumb Things to Prove a Point

Love Is Unexpected

Truth Is Essential

Becoming a Family Changes Everything, For Better and Worse

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Role Play Keeps the Passion Alive

You Can't Rush Love

Goodbyes Hurt

Tequila Solves All Heartbreaks

Couple Telepathy Is Real

A Phone Call Can Change Everything

If You Really Love Someone, You Never Leave Them

No Matter What

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