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Not the Royal Wedding Party Information

"Not the Royal Wedding" Party Planned to Protest the Monarchy

Some Brits are so excited about the upcoming royal wedding that they came out to see this ridiculous impostor version earlier this month. Meanwhile, the real deal is really bothering others. Republic, a group that supports the abolition of the monarchy, has a plan to hold its own April 29 street party: "Not the Royal Wedding."

"We've taken a 'traditional' royalist street party as our inspiration," explains Republic's website, "but there will be one key difference — we'll be celebrating democracy and people-power rather than inherited privilege." The party would feature food and vendors, and originally the city of London planned to shut down the street for the group, which hoped to use the national holiday as a chance to raise awareness for its cause. But city officials just changed their minds, citing community concerns, and the future of the event is uncertain.

It's no secret that we're eating up every new detail about the royal wedding, but does this antimonarchy party sound more your speed?

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