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The annual running of the bulls kicked off in Pamplona, Spain yesterday and so far one Irish tourist has been killed. Despite the risk of death and injury, thousands of people let bulls chase them for over 800 meters on the way to the bullfight arena.

While human injury upsets everyone, some animal rights activists get particularly upset about how the traditions entails "torturing and killing a defenseless animal." PETA describes the festival like this:

Bulls are bred in fields and are not accustomed to the noise of the crowd or being surrounded by people. They are kept in crowded, dark enclosures, and when they are prodded onto the streets with electric shocks, they are momentarily blinded by the sunlight. They are terrified and are hit by runners with rolled up newspapers.

In order to show their opposition, PETA supporters participate in the Running of the Nudes two days before the major tourist-attracting bull runs. Whose side are you on — PETA's or Spain's?

A fighting bull takes the curve.

Hundreds of people are chased along an 825-meter course.

The course leads to the arenas where bullfights are later staged.

New Zealand participant is helped by the Red Cross.

A protester opts for the Running of the Nude.

Participants are trampled.

The first day of the San Fermin bull run on July 7 in Pamplona, northern Spain.

A young reveler jumps from a statue.

Participants are charged by Conde de la Corte fighting bulls.

Spanish matador Serafin Martin.


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